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Fall is a fantastic time for fun and relaxing outdoor activities. Whether you choose tailgating parties, touch football games, or bonfires, the bottom line is that your backyard is the perfect spot to host them. Or at least you want it to be. For this reason, it is important to ensure your yard is just as fall-friendly as you are. Your backyard is the place to be, and that doesn’t have to change with the seasons.

Let’s look at what fall landscaping services and maintenance tasks you should be considering before the winter cold comes in. Once you are ready, you can allow us at Redwood Land Design to help you landscape or hardscape your Raleigh home for the autumn season.

Fall Landscaping Checklist

Evaluate and Update Outdoor Layout of Trees and Shrubbery

Start by taking a look at how you can create a more welcoming outdoor space for your friends and family before the colder weather sets in. This begins with examining the trees and shrubbery in your yard. Some things to consider are:

  • Do you have any shrubs or trees that will last through winter? Evergreen foliage can help to ensure there’s still some color in your yard, even as the weather gets colder. What is available to you will depend on where you live, but in Raleigh North Carolina, some classic examples of native greenery are dogwood, Hillspire red cedar, and pine trees.
  • Do the existing trees and shrubbery create a layering effect in your yard? Their presence can help to add texture and color to your space. In addition, they can also provide a great way to delineate your yard from your neighbor’s. This type of greenery is a great way to give your home a slightly enclosed layout to your backyard.

Choose Plants Carefully

You’ll want to think about the visual aspects of the plants you choose and how they will work within your overall outdoor aesthetic. Mixing colors, textures, and shapes of plants is a fun way to add intrigue to your backyard living space. Plus, you’ll want to choose at least some plants that will last through winter. In North Carolina, some common winter plants include:

  • Viburnum – has attractive blue-colored berries that bloom through winter and can reach a height of 6’ to 8’ tall.
  • Winter Jasmine – the yellow star-shaped flowers are quick to bloom in winter and this plant, when trained on a trellis, can grow up to 15’ tall.
  • Sarcococca – also known as the sweet box shrub, blooms in mid- to late-winter and flowers with a sweet-smelling scent. 
  • Holly – the well-known and beloved dark green leaves and red berries make this a Christmas icon a much-needed staple for your yard.
  • Pansies – if you plant these adorable flowers in the fall, they keep their blooms right through winter and into the late spring.
  • Mums – look absolutely gorgeous in the fall and once planted, will come up again the following fall.
  • Purple Aster – they bloom in an incredible array of colors and even varying shapes, starting in late summer and continuing into the fall.
  • Black-eyed Susans – these hardy low-maintenance blossoms have golden petals with dark centers and are known for tolerating varying growing conditions. 
  • Goldenrod – has a tall stem with plumes of fluffy golden flowers that come in different shades of yellow. 

Manage Your Turf

Fall is the best time to aerate and overseed your yard to ensure your lawn will be healthier while requiring less effort next spring. Aeration involves the creation of small holes throughout the soil in your lawn. This is so that water, nutrients, and air can circulate through it more easily. Overseeding entails the sowing of grass seeds which will be able to take root more easily thanks to the aerated environment. Together these actions can help alleviate soil compaction, prevent patchiness, and encourage better draining. 

Consider Hardscaping Services 

According to this article in the Plan Collection, patios, porches, and decks have continued to grow in popularity over the years. This is because these outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed all year round. Before winter sets in, you might want to consider hardscaping services like fire pit design and installation, outdoor lighting, and more. We service our Raleigh customers with personalized outdoor living and patio designs to suit the precise design of your yard.

Leaf Pickup and Compost

Leaf pickup is one of the most common fall landscape maintenance tasks. If you don’t have anywhere to dispose of them or are looking to make the cleanup a little less tedious, remember that leaves can be compostable. You would do well to save them up to use as mulch in your garden.

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