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As the summer heat starts to relent, it’s time to consider which plants would be best to display in your garden this fall. Continue reading to learn more about our fall favorites. 

Best Plants to Introduce in the Fall Season


One of our favorite go-tos for a cool-weather garden are pansies. Their dainty faces add pops of purple and yellow throughout your garden. As delicate as they may look, they are surprisingly hardy and can withstand even the coldest temperatures of a North Carolina winter. Establish these flowers early in the season so they’ll be well established before the first frost arrives. Pansies prefer full or part sun and have been known to bloom even year round. 


A southern tradition here in the south is to line the stairs or walkway with pumpkins and potted mums. Mums prefer cooler weather and showcase classic fall colors like gold, rusty reds, burgundy, and orange. These plants grow in a large dome shape often with more blooms than foliage. Plant these in pots to enjoy them as annuals, or plant them in your garden to enjoy year after year. 

Perennial Sunflower

While many perennials tend to struggle in the heavy clay soil of central North Carolina, helianthus is one of the few perennial sunflowers that thrives in our growing conditions. Easy to grow and beautiful to see, this sunflower will grow up to ten feet tall and will create quite a statement in your fall garden. 

Ornamental Grass

There are a number of ornamental grasses that will add a pop of texture and contrast to your fall garden. With their unique plumes and colored blades, these grasses will fill empty spaces and add a touch of intrigue without drawing your attention away from the flowering beauties. Muhly grass is a popular variety which will add a soft, purple haze to your garden. 

Bushes and Trees

The best time to transplant new bushes or trees is in the cooler months of fall. This process can be a bit traumatic for larger plants which is why they need to be protected from intense heat and provided with plenty of water. The fall season gives the plants plenty of time to get established in cool, wet weather before the first seasonal frost rolls in. 

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