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There is no question that a beautifully landscaped property can enhance the value of your home. Landscaping has a big impact on the impression a home makes. If you’re looking to make the most of your home sale, it’s important to address every way you can increase your property’s value and that includes a carefully landscaped lawn. Especially if you have a long-range plan of selling in the future, you should set a course with the objective of your landscape maturing into an attractive aspect of your entire property over time. 

A beautiful landscape isn’t accomplished overnight. It takes time to both design and incorporate features such as plants, trees, shrubs, lighting, and hardscapes. Your lawn creates a welcoming environment that’s perfect for outdoor enjoyment and adds a visual aesthetic. At Redwood Land Design, we have expertise in taking a “blank slate” lawn and making it into a showstopper that could win awards! In this article, we give you the reasons why landscaping can help or hurt the value of your home. 

How Landscaping Makes or Breaks Your Home’s Value

The importance of landscaping is undeniable. Your home’s landscaping can either help or hurt the value of your home. Since we don’t think you want to affect your home’s value detrimentally, let’s start with some of the reasons why you want to improve its value with landscaping.

Refreshes Your Property

Your home’s front lawn is likely to be the first thing prospective buyers see when visiting your property. That makes a pristine lawn essential if you’re ready to sell. Thorough landscaping can help ensure your lawn looks lush, green, and welcoming. Neglected lawns can easily turn dry, leading to unbecoming brown spots.

Increases Curb Appeal

This benefit goes hand in hand with refreshing your property. A landscaping plan that has been carefully thought through with even small changes can boost the curb appeal of your property. Simple changes such as a clean landscape can make a big difference. Some basic tasks that can create curb appeal include:

  • Mowing and edging the lawn
  • Adding fresh mulch
  • Planting groups of flowers for color

Lends Color

A survey conducted by Turf Magazine concluded that most home buyers desire a sophisticated, colorful landscape. The study indicated that upgrading the typical yard from average to excellent condition could increase value by as much as 12%. The most highly preferred landscape included large, colorful plants alongside a colorful hardscape design. Color in your yard can have these benefits:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Relieve tension
  • Provide a place of serenity

Adds Shade and Privacy

While minimalistic landscapes are an upgrade from a total lack of landscaping, studies suggest that most homeowners prefer landscaping featuring diverse plant life and taller plants. Even if you lack the budget to go all-out, try to ensure that your property flaunts a tree or two, along with other taller plants like shrubbery. Adding tall trees to the south and west will provide shade during the hottest times of the day and lower the temperature in your home. Trees and shrubs also provide shade for grass and flowers. An added benefit is the privacy shrubs and trees provide by creating a barrier from neighbors and providing welcome shade in the warm summer months.

Complements Your Home

There’s much more to landscaping than incorporating a range of visually interesting plants.  Landscaping professionals employ their expertise to carefully tailor your outdoor property to complement the look of your home. Certain plants and features work better with certain styles of architecture, which makes this level of experience critical in maximizing your home’s value.

4 Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value with Landscaping

Here are 4 ideas that will enhance your property:

1.) Plant Trees

Trees, especially mature trees, can add color to a yard that is dull as well as visual interest, add privacy, and provide shade. All of these add to the value of your home. Because it takes at least 3 to 8 years for a tree to mature, you need to plant your trees as early as possible.

2.) Trim Shrubs and Bushes

Maintain your garden and lawn regularly. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your property beautiful. When shrubs and other plants are neglected, problems can ensue such as safety and pests. 

3.) Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has a huge effect on your yard. Lighting in the yard, garden, deck, front door, and around the patio increases the home value and attractiveness of the property.

4,) Incorporate Hardscaping

Hardscaping features add an element to the property that is interesting visually. Planters, pathways, terraces, retaining walls, stones, and other items can achieve the diversity your yard needs to be interesting instead of bland.

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