Blog / 5 Expert Tips on How to Land Grade Your Yard

Outdoor living projects are becoming more and more popular. And with them, so should land grading.

Land grading is an important consideration for any landscaping or hardscaping projects. It’s also essential for proper surface drainage. Without land grading, you could end up constructing or implementing backyard improvements on uneven ground, or dealing with water damage.

By starting with a level foundation for your next yard project, or solely for water drainage, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and extra costs down the road. But how do you complete land grading properly? 

Check out our 5 top tips below.


Properly Land Grading Your Yard: The Basics


1. Order enough dirt

You can’t have too much dirt for yard grading. You may use more dirt than you expect, so order the topsoil in bulk, and get it delivered right to your home.


2. Identify utility lines and drainage area

Mark off all the water, gas, electric, and telephone lines in the ground. This is an important step to ensuring no pipes or lines get damaged or ruptured in the digging process.

You’ll also want to identify the closest drainage area so you know where you want the water to flow into. 


3. Determine the level grade line

You’ll want to mark off the area you plan to level, and then identify the lowest and highest points within that area. This will help to establish the level grade line you want to be aiming for. You’ll be looking to create a 90-degree angle from the lowest and highest points (think: right triangle).


4. Avoid grading too high

This is a common mistake people make. If you’re grading the yard right near your home, you’ll want to leave six to eight inches between where you plan to grade and the siding. It’s also a bad idea to try to solve a drainage issue by pushing and piling dirt up at the sides of the home. This is an ineffective, short-term strategy.


5. Finish by tamping down the soil

When you’re finished hoeing and raking the ground to ensure it’s level, finish by using a piece of plywood or a tamper to pack the dirt down softly.


Hardscaping and Land Grading Services in Raleigh, NC

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