Blog / The 6 Best Winter Plants for Raleigh, NC

As winter approaches, the beauty of your summer landscaping will soon fade. Don’t worry, everything will still bloom lush and colorful next spring.

But, why wait? You can still enjoy a beautiful landscape in the winter months by planting certain types of shrubs and trees. Here’s a list of some popular winter plants for Raleigh, NC.

Liven Up Your Yard With These Winter Plants


Dogwood is a native North American shrub that looks like twigs or branches. The brightly-colored stems often add a much-needed pop of color into an otherwise barren winter landscape. The Bailey Red Twig Dogwood, for example, has eye-catching red stems in the fall and winter. Similarly, the Yellow Twig Dogwood has yellow stems. These shrubs can grow to about 10’, making them stand tall even when the ground is covered in snow.


There are several varieties of viburnum that are excellent for this time of year. Christom viburnum is a popular choice for the attractive blue-colored berries that bloom through the winter. Judd viburnum is another favorite because of its large white blooms and beautiful berries. When mature, these shrubs can grow anywhere from 6’ to 8’ tall.

Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine is a flowering plant that’s quick to bloom in the winter. The yellow star-shaped flowers help breathe some fresh life into your backyard. When trained on a trellis, this plant can grow up to 15’ tall.


Sarcococca, also known as the sweet box shrub, flowers in mid- to late-winter or early spring. When it blooms, it has a strong sweet scent that’s sure to help you get excited for warmer weather.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper winter without some holly. Varieties like Fine Line Holly have dark green leaves and vibrant red berries to provide that classic Christmas look. The berries often persist into winter to inspire some holiday cheer.  

Hillspire Red Cedar

This evergreen tree is known for its bright, lush green foliage, even in the winter. It does best in dry to moist soil with lots of sun. The average tree grows anywhere from 15’ to 30’ and can help transform your yard into a winter wonderland.

Find Winter Plants for Raleigh, NC

If you’re hoping to add some winter interest to your landscape this season, browse the Redwood Land Design plant catalog or contact our landscaping team. We specialize in landscape design for homes of all sizes throughout Raleigh, North Carolina.