Landscape Consultation in Raleigh, NC

Personalized Landscape design in Raleigh NC
When beginning a landscape design project, we like to be as thorough as possible. That’s why we provide a first visit to assess the proposed project and provide an estimate.

During the first visit, we come to your home to evaluate your current landscape and discuss your goals for the project. We then build out the landscape design, considering the following factors::

  • Soil, sunlight, and pest exposure
  • Existing plants and wildlife
  • Your allergies
  • Your budget

This first visit usually takes an hour, and you’ll receive an estimate on the spot. We’ll send you an official quote within 24 hours. This first visit is completely free when you opt to work with us on the project.

Contact Redwood Land Design to Schedule Your First Visit

Reach out to our landscape design team to learn more about the first visit and book yours today. We’re a locally owned and run company located in Raleigh, and we proudly serve North Carolina’s Triangle Region.