Blog / What Is Land Grading? A Quick Explainer

Before any hardscaping or landscaping projects can take place, you may have to “grade” the area. But what is land grading, and why is it essential to any hardscaped or landscaped property?

Land grading is a leveling of the surface. Dirt from higher up is moved into the lower lying areas to create a nice level surface to serve as the foundation for your project. Sometimes land grading may require you to move in additional dirt from somewhere else to complete the job.

Land may be graded flat or sloped. If you want to build a stone walkway for example, you’ll likely want a nice flat surface on which to lay the stone. But if you want to channel rain water away from your house, you’ll want to grade the land on a slope that runs down and away from your home. Learn more about our land grading services now. 

Types of Land Grading

Each piece of land is different in terms of its natural grading, soil makeup, and vegetation. And each property owner has different needs for their land. As such, there are several different types of land grading.

Bobcat Machinery

A Bobcat is a versatile piece of machinery that can scoop and move dirt and then use a different attachment to flatten and smooth out the new surface.

Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is a critical part of any project. And it can be accomplished by grading the land on a slope to carry water downhill and into a stream or runoff, or by installing drainage pipes in the ground.


Sometimes getting the right grade means making a hole, not filling one in. Excavating involves digging down to create a low-lying area such as for the foundation of a structure or road.

Surface Smoothing

Even a flat piece of land isn’t flat. But a good surface smoothing can make sure your hardscaping project has a blank canvas from which to start.

Topsoil Installation

Sometimes there isn’t sufficient dirt in the immediate area to grade the land as designed, so it may be necessary to bring in some topsoil. Topsoil is also useful for providing a foundation of healthy soil for plants to grow and is generally more aesthetically pleasing than the existing dirt.  

Land Grading in Raleigh, NC

If you’re looking for someone who can perform land grading near you, contact Redwood Land Design. We provide all of the above land grading services along with a wide range of hardscape services in Raleigh, NC.  

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