Blog / How to Prepare Your Patio for the Harsh Winter Season Ahead

With colder weather setting in, your patio will require some extra maintenance to make it through the harsh season ahead. Continue reading to learn more. 

Winter Patio Upkeep Pointers

Sweep, spray, and scrub

Now that the fall colors have run their course, it’s time to give your patio a deep clean. Use a broom or leaf blower to clear any leaves or debris. Leaves can keep the sun from drying any additional moisture, which can lead to mildew. Any existing mildew can be removed with a light pressure wash for patios made from wood, stone, and pavers. For porous stone or other materials, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

If backyard barbecues left behind some unsightly stains from your grill, a mild degreaser should do the trick. 

Clean and store your outdoor furniture

Winter takes its toll on patio furniture. You’ll want to take the necessary steps to store and clean your furniture before winter weather sets in. 

If you have cushions or fabric pads, these should be brushed, vacuumed, wiped down with a mild detergent, covered, and stored. This will help to preserve both the quality and the color of your cushions.

Depending on what the frames of your furniture are made from, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wipe down and possibly store them. Wood furniture will benefit from a sealer to protect it from moisture. Plastic can tolerate moisture but may crack or split in freezing temperatures. Metal furniture is generally very fine if left out, but wiping it down with a mild soap and water or touching up rusted spots with paint will preserve the finish of your furniture. 

Apply a sealant

Once furniture is cleaned and stored away, it’s time to seal the patio. Choose a sealant that’s made specifically for what your patio is made from. A sealant will protect your decks and patios from water and erosion, which is a common problem during the winter. This step will not remove the necessity of having to shovel any potential snow from your patio, but it will add a protective barrier to slow down general wear and tear. 

If snow or ice is in the forecast, it’s important to remember that salting your patio will do more harm than good. 

Winter Landscaping Services in Raleigh, NC

Stay warm and cozy inside while the professionals at Redwood Land Design take care of prepping your deck or patio for winter. Don’t have a patio yet? We can install one for you and have it ready to go before spring arrives. We provide hardscaping and landscaping services in Raleigh, North Carolina. Schedule your first visit to request a free quote today.