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Winter is an ideal time to take care of many of your landscaping projects. Continue reading to learn more. 

Benefits of Gardening in the Winter

Less Maintenance and Upkeep

Gardening in the summer requires enormous upkeep since extra water is needed to combat the heat and grass and other weeds constantly have to be managed for young plants to survive. 

The colder weather will not only keep the weeds and grass at bay, therefore giving young or newly transplanted plants a chance to establish healthy root systems before spring arrives, it also takes away the need to constantly water your yard and garden so you can focus on more exciting landscaping projects. 

The Offseason

Winter is that it is often the most underutilized time of year. Shopping for your yard and garden during the offseason means less competition for resources such as mulch or rock. It also means gardening equipment could be more affordable and landscapers may have more availability than in the busy summer months. 

Winter Gardening Projects

Consider Non-Seasonal Structures in Your Garden

Winter is the perfect time to install hardscape structures which will add intrigue and decor to your yard year round. Pergolas, trellises, arbors, patios, and benches are excellent additions to any yard and can pave the way for future landscaping projects once spring arrives. 

This is also a great time to create new pathways since the grass and weeds below the structures will have plenty of time to die off before the warm season arrives. 

Highlight the Rugged Beauty of the Landscape

The loss of foliage and flower petals doesn’t mean that winter doesn’t have a natural beauty to highlight in your yard. Tree bark, berries, evergreens, and other winter staples can become the focal point of your cold-season yard

If you’ve already installed trees and berries throughout your yard, you can now install lights to showcase these elements so that the eye is naturally drawn to the parts of your yard that can only be enjoyed in winter months. Placing lights at the base of trees facing upward will create intricate shadows that further accentuate the natural textures of your yard. 

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