Blog / Why Hardscaping and Drainage Must Work Together

Any hardscaping project has the potential to be both practical and visually pleasing. Until it’s underwater, that is. Many property owners make the mistake of not taking into consideration how their hardscaping project will affect drainage (and vice versa). 

When a wall, patio, walkway or other hardscaped design blocks or re-routes proper drainage, there can be a number of consequences: 

  • Grass and plants can become starved or saturated and receive either too little or too much water. 
  • Soil can erode and create uneven surfaces or holes in the ground.
  • Mold or mildew can grow and rot can ensue on fences or siding. 
  • Excess water can attract mosquitoes and other insects along with frogs or other unwanted guests.
  • Flooding in basements, crawl spaces, garages or sheds. 
  • Structural or foundational damage to the home. 

Ironically, poor drainage that’s caused by a newly installed hardscaping project often ends up causing water damage to the hardscaped surface itself. Not only can that eat into your investment, but it can really dampen the experience of using your new outdoor living space. 

Drainage Solutions for Your Hardscaping Project

There are a few different drainage solutions to consider when designing your hardscaping project. 

Proper grading

Hardscaping can affect the speed or direction that water flows. It’s often necessary to grade the surrounding land to create the proper slopes needed to steer the water away from structures and toward an outlet. 


An underground drainage system can be installed to collect excess water and carry it to another destination. French drains are a popular method used for residential properties. 


Plants that soak up a lot of water can serve as an effective defense against excess water. Planting the right type of shrubs, trees, ferns, or other vegetation in strategic spots on the property can divert water away from your hardscaping features or other structures. 

Hardscaping and Drainage in Raleigh, NC

Redwood Land Design can take care of all your hardscaping needs while ensuring your property is adequately prepared for proper drainage. We begin each new relationship with a visit to your property to evaluate your space and discuss your project idea. And whether its a pergola, retaining wall, fire pit, walkway, or other project you desire, drainage will be an important part of that initial discussion. 

Schedule your free consultation today to see how Redwood Land Design can address both your hardscaping and drainage needs to help you create a beautiful — and dry — outdoor space.