Blog / How to Garden in the Heat of Summer

Just as you require protection from the sun and constant access to water during the heat of summer, the plants in your garden require extra precautions as well. Continue reading to learn three tips for gardening in the heat of summer.

Summer Gardening Tips

Don’t hold back on water

Plants need constant access to water to cope with the scorching heat. One of the most effective ways to provide constant access to water throughout the summer months is to install irrigation hoses. This method will help to evenly distribute the water to all parts of the garden and will ensure that your garden is watered, even when your mind is preoccupied elsewhere. 

Invest in some mulch

Think of mulch as a sort of sunscreen for plants. It provides a protective barrier against the direct impact of the sun while also helping the soil to retain the valuable moisture it needs to help your plants survive. The good news is that because mulch is a natural insulator, this investment will also serve you long into the winter months by insulating the plants from the harsh cold once the weather turns. 

Remove the competition

When water is scarce, be sure to limit any competition your plants may have to access this valuable resource. Plants that are overcrowded can leach nutrients from one another, making it difficult for newer, less established plants to thrive. Be sure to space out your plants to reduce competition for nutrients and water in the soil. 

Also, be sure to pull up any weeds that might try to invade your garden. Weeds will poach the water and nutrients from the plants that need it most.

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