Blog / Types of Retaining Walls for Residential Properties

Not every slope or precipice is the same, so not every retaining wall is either. Below are some of the many types of retaining walls found on residential and small commercial properties. Learn about each one and schedule a free consultation with Redwood Land Design to help determine which type of retaining wall might be best for your space. 

Common Types of Retaining Walls 

Here are some of the most common types of retaining walls found in residential yards. 


Timber retaining walls are built out of wooden posts stacked horizontally. Timber walls offer an affordable option thanks to the low cost of materials and easy installation. 


With the right equipment, a retaining wall constructed of boulders can be quite easy to install because there is no cutting, mortar, or precise leveling or measuring involved. 

Concrete Block

Retaining walls made of concrete blocks are not only strong and long-lasting, but allow for a range of customization and offer a sharp look.

Poured Concrete

This type of retaining wall is good for higher walls and for those who want a smooth, clean surface. Poured concrete walls boast a high level of strength and longevity. 

Natural Cut Stone 

A retaining wall made of natural cut stone is of the highest quality and offers an attractive appearance. This type of retaining wall will last a lifetime and is ideal for those looking to invest a little more in their project.

Gabion Retaining Walls

A gabion retaining wall is made up of many small wire mesh boxes that are filled with rocks or other heavy material that provide the necessary weight to keep the soil at bay. This type of retaining wall is a good option when a large area must be covered. 

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