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Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the plants and flowers you’d like to introduce to your landscaping this summer. Because different plants thrive in different seasons, the landscape designers at Redwood Land Design stress the importance of installing the right summer plants to brighten up your outdoor spaces all summer long.

For successful landscape design in Raleigh, check out these planting tips.

Plant Installation: The Species You Should Know About in Raleigh


You need a flower that can take the heat during hot Raleigh summers. Fortunately, lantanas thrive in full-sun environments. These pollinator-friendly flowers come in a variety of colors, from blushing pinks to bright yellows.

Lantanas are easy to care for, too. You’ll just need to fertilize them each spring and water them once a week once they’re established. And for maximum blooming potential, you’ll also want to prune them in the spring.


Zinnias can also tolerate both hot summer weather and drought conditions. These full-sun plants produce blooms in an array of colors, such as orange, red, pink, yellow, and white. Zinnias don’t require a lot of upkeep, either. Water the plants at their base in the morning, and remove dead flowers — a process referred to as “deadheading” — as needed.

Moss Rose

Moss rose is available in varieties with magenta, white, yellow, and hybrid-color blooms. It’s great for dry conditions and requires hardly any maintenance. It’s best to plant these flowers after the rainy season, as they can be hard to grow in moist environments. Best of all, moss rose plants don’t need deadheading and rarely need to be watered.


Vinca, or Madagascar periwinkle, add a lot of color to landscapes while being virtually maintenance-free. Its flowers range in color, from white to purple, complementing your other landscape plantings. While vinca likes full sun, it can also tolerate part shade. No deadheading is required, and you’ll only need to water the plant if the top layer of soil feels dry.

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