Blog / The Patio Construction Basics You Should Know

You’re dreaming of entertaining this summer on your new patio, but don’t know where to start with construction. Don’t fret. You have a lot to consider before patio construction begins. Redwood Land Design is here to walk you through the process.

Patio Construction Basics


Start by surveying your property and the space it offers. It’s possible that you need land clearing to open up your yard, especially if there’s nothing planted or you aren’t fond of the plants, bushes, and trees there.


As you survey the landscape, consider the sun exposure in different areas. The sun will influence your patio layout and if it needs to be covered. Hardscaping in an area where it will be too hot to entertain in summer is a common mistake. A slab patio near the rear of the house may be traditional, but it’s not always the best idea.

Hardscaping in different areas of the yard to create various smaller outdoor patios is quite popular. This allows you to design around function. Guests tend to hang out in smaller groups when you entertain, and children want their own space, too. This design approach helps you utilize and appreciate your whole yard.

Function and features

What are your primary goals for the function of your yard? Do you have a pool or want to add a water feature? When you throw a party, what is the maximum number of people you’d like to entertain? Is a small barbecue area good or would you like a full outdoor kitchen?

Maybe a firepit is crucial for nights on your patio. Whatever you’re dreaming, it will help your building partner to know your patio plans and necessary elements.

Hardscaping and landscaping

With your patio entertaining in mind, think about hardscape patio and landscaping. There are hundreds of ways to blend the two. What works best for your property will depend on your preferences, house style, and outdoor plans. Collecting photos of designs that thrill you will certainly help the people you hire for hardscape services visualize your dream.


Lastly, before you research hardscaping companies, get clear on your budget. You may be dreaming a bit too big for reality. It’s essential that your hardscaping partner gets your real budget.

Select a Hardscape Partner in Raleigh, NC

Since hardscaping is a big project, you’ll want a partner who can turn your dream into reality, within your budget and your time frame. Here are some questions to ask potential contractors while you’re interviewing.

If your property is in Raleigh, North Carolina, or the Research Triangle, Redwood Land Design would love to talk to you about your plans. Contact us today about your patio design.