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There’s a common misconception that landscaping and landscape design are essentially the same service. Although they are related, design goes far beyond lawn care. Modern landscape designers, like Redwood Land Design in Raleigh, North Carolina, combine horticultural knowledge and an aesthetic eye to create attractive and unified landscape designs.

What is Landscape Design?

Dedicated landscape designers offer a different list of services than those associated with most landscape companies, like lawn mowing. Instead, they provide the more involved service of conceptualizing and executing new landscape designs.

Merging Art and Science

Landscape designers need a touch of artistic talent to be able to create and execute on beautiful designs. A good design requires careful consideration of the look of the house, the flow of the property, the soil, the topography, nearby plant life, and other elements to ensure a harmonious finished product.

Landscape design isn’t all art though. A good designer should have a background in horticulture and thorough knowledge of local plant life. This helps them know what species will look best on your property, work well with the rest of your plants, and thrive on your landscape.

There is also an important practical aspect to landscape design. Designers can help you install that stone walkway or garden you’ve always wanted. Unlike some installation companies, they’ll be able to offer feedback on how the new addition can be incorporated to complement the existing flow of your property.

Common Services Offered

Most landscape design companies go far beyond creating the designs and provide comprehensive landscaping services. Redwood Land Design also deals with the installation of new plants and fixtures with a safe and professional touch.

We also provide:

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