Blog / How to Transform Your House into a Home With Lot Clearing

There are two main reasons to consider lot clearing for your personal property: to make space for building a home or to allow for landscaping and additional hardscaping opportunities. In either instance, lot clearing is essential to transforming your existing or potential house into a home. Here’s how.

3 Ways Lot Clearing Broadens the Horizons of Your Property

Opportunity to envision your future

While this is more of an abstract reason to choose lot clearing, it is essential. Think of a clear lot as a blank canvas with the clear property lines as constraints. While a blank canvas may be intimidating to an artist, the constraints of a design can unleash creativity.

Similarly, an empty lot allows you the ability to see the restrictions of your property while also opening yourself up to the possibilities of your future. And it’s not just about imagining a future yard — it’s about imagining your future life and home. Incorporate your plans for the future into your landscape and hardscape designs, with a mind as clear as the lot before you.

Freedom to consider outdoor entertainment options

One big benefit of a large yard? Entertaining friends and family. There are many ways to make your ideal entertainment space a reality.

Whether you’re interested in a garden to start tending to in the spring, a pool to cool off in during the summer, a porch or patio to sit and enjoy those breezy fall days, or a fire pit to gather around when the winter chill hits, clearing your lot is the first step towards creating the outdoor environment you want.

Room for your family to grow and play

Yards are not just entertainment spaces for adults — they’re the perfect place for your kids and pets to explore and play in. Plan out where you want the playground set to go, or keep the yard clean with a large lawn so you can host fun games like tag, capture the flag, red rover, and more.

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