Blog / How a Sod Lawn Can Improve Your Yard Landscaping

Hardscaping is about weighing the pros versus the cons. For example, one hardscaping service can improve your landscape’s appearance and increase the value of your property — but it can also hurt the health of your yard. On the other hand, measures to positively affect the health of your yard can be less aesthetically pleasing.

But with sod lawns, you can enjoy a pleasing view while also making your yard healthier.

3 Benefits of Installing a Sod Lawn

Enjoy an attractive green lawn in no time

Since sod lawns are installed, not grown on your property, you can enjoy an attractive and healthy lawn quickly. Homeowners and visitors alike will appreciate this perk.

Save money and maintenance in the long run

The upfront costs of a sod lawn may be more than sticking with your existing yard, but the long-term cost savings make it worth it. You won’t need to invest in extra fertilization, and there are no weeds to worry about.

And you know what that means? Less regular lawn maintenance. This helps save you labor, or the cost of professional maintenance services.

Help the environment

Since professionals grow and harvest sod lawns, extra measures are taken to ensure quality. This includes preparing the best soil with regular tilling and raking, as well as the removal of any rocks or vegetation.

Following this step, compost is put down to act as a fertilizer for the soil. Regular fertilization and land tilling ensure the soil is being fed with nutrients on a consistent basis.

This, combined with the high-quality seeds for the sod itself, means that your sod lawn is bright and attractive for good reason. Plus, since the grass is sown together closely, it is dense and doesn’t require reseeding.

This health and density, combined with a professional installation process, allows sod lawns to help prevent soil erosion.

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