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First impressions are everything. One of the first things a potential home buyer will notice about a property is the landscaping. Landscaping gives a buyer an idea of how well the house has been maintained and helps to complement the home’s style and personality. You’d be surprised how landscaping affects the value of your home.

If you’re looking to put your house on the market, consider the following landscaping tips to help sell your home for top dollar. We also offer sod installation services

Landscaping Tips for Homesellers

Add some fresh mulch

Mulch dries out and loses its rich color over time. If you have mulch around any of your landscaping, grab a few new bags and lay down a fresh coat. The dark color will help your landscaping pop, and with bags of mulch costing only a few dollars, the investment in both time and money is minimal.

Inject some instant color

Be it spring, summer, or fall, you can find colorful flowers already in full bloom at hardware stores and garden centers. Annuals are low-cost and low-maintenance and can add some instant color to contrast against leafy green shrubs or bushes.

Sharpen up the edges

Get out the edger and make a nice clean cut around the edges of your driveway, sidewalk, and any walkways. Crisp, clean edges provide a nice frame for grass and concrete to welcome the eye.

Power wash

Buy, rent, or borrow a power washer, and give the driveway, walkway, fence, and porch a thorough cleaning. Your surrounding landscaping can lead to a buildup of pollen, moss, soil, and other unsightly grime on nearby surfaces.

Fill in the gaps

If you have some bare or thin spots in your yard, patch them in with some fast-growing grass seed. These types of grasses are perfect for fast-acting results, and those bare spots can be filled in within just days.

Go For a Full Redesign in Raleigh, NC

Sometimes, simple touch-ups aren’t enough. The design of your landscaping is paramount to complementing the style, personality, and upkeep of your home. A new landscape design can provide the makeover that it needs. One small investment in a redesigned landscape can equal a sizeable return on closing day. Contact Redwood Land Design today to get started.