Blog / Fall Lawn Care Tips to Prep for the Cold Snap Ahead

It may be tempting to sit back and relax once the fall season arrives, but there is much work to do to prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead. Continue reading to learn what steps you can take this fall to set the stage for a beautiful lawn once spring arrives. 

How to Care for Your Lawn this Fall

Rake Up the Leaves

Fall foliage can be a sight to behold, but once the leaves fall to the ground, they can wreak havoc on your lawn. Not only will the leaves effectively block out the lawn’s main food source — the sun — it will trap moisture under the leaves which can cause greater damage. 

Choose a tool that works for you, whether that’s a rake or a leaf blower, and get to work. Make it a goal to remove the leaves as often as you can, prioritizing areas where the leaves begin to pile up. 

Adjust the Height of Your Mower 

Generally speaking, your grass will continue to grow until the first major frost occurs. This means that your Saturday mornings behind the mower aren’t quite finished yet. 

Be sure to adjust the height of your mower between 2.5-3 inches. This will maintain the height of your grass and protect it from the risk of growing fungi without hindering the root systems. Mowing your grass will also help to mulch the leaves which will further enrich the soil and keep the leaves from blocking valuable sunlight.

Seed and Fertilize the Yard 

Give your lawn the extra boost it needs to make it through the harsh winter months ahead by using a slow-release granular fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium. This will help the roots to grow as well as make the plant more cold and drought resistant. 

As a final blow against any weeds that may try to take their stand in the spring, you can overseed your existing turf so that weeds will have little room to grow. Since you still have a few weeks of sunlight and warmth left, it’s the perfect opportunity to establish a lush, green lawn.

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