Blog / FAQ: Your Landscape Design Questions Answered

Planting colorful flowers, installing a patio, and even building a koi pond can add the eye-catching curb appeal to your home that makes it stand out on the block. If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space but have questions about the process, check out these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and things to consider about landscape design.

Your Questions About Landscape Design, Answered

How Do I Get a New Landscape That I’ll Love?

Before contacting a landscape designer, you should establish your priorities and decide where you want the renovations to be done. Is it your backyard or the front walkway that’s in need of a facelift? Do you want a garden of seasonal flowers or a unique arrangement of stones and shrubbery? Think about any design features you might want in your yard, like a patio for grilling and entertaining guests or a stylish brick walkway leading up to the front door.

It’s also important to consider who else will be using the yard before you begin the design phase. For example, a grassy backyard surrounded by plant borders might be more suitable than a cement patio if you have a dog or children. Keep in mind the functionality of the space.

Will Landscape Design Cost a Lot?

Creating a realistic budget for your landscape design gives you a clear sense of the flowers, plants, and other design features you can afford. At Redwood Land Design, we accommodate for those sticking to a tight budget while still designing a beautiful plan for your landscape.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Even after the design process is complete, you’ll most likely need to perform maintenance to keep your landscape looking vibrant and healthy. This could include watering and trimming overgrown flowers, preparing plants for North Carolina winters, and washing a dirty patio or walkway. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance landscape, Redwood Land Design can help you with that, too.

How Do I Begin the Landscape Design Process?

Redwood Land Design can provide a comprehensive, on-site consultation whether you’re looking to completely redo your backyard or plant a colorful flower bed by the front porch. Learn about our consultation service today.

Landscape Design and Installation With Redwood Land Design

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