Blog / Cold Outside? Try These Hardscaping Ideas

Who says your backyard can’t be enjoyed during the cold? The right kind of hardscaping project can turn your property into a cold-weather gathering spot and keep you entertaining all year round.

Consider some of these hardscaping ideas to entertain your guests even during the colder months of the year and call on Redwood Land Design if you need help hardscaping in Raleigh, NC.  

Hardscaping Features for Chilly Seasons

Fire pits

What better way to stay warm than by cozying up next to a fire? A fire pit can keep your guests out of the cold while also serving as the perfect roundtable setup for socializing.


During the summer months, a pergola provides shade overhead while letting the air circulate down below. In the colder months, canopies and partitions can be used to shield off the sides and create a warm, enclosed space for your guests.  

Outdoor kitchens

Fire up the grill in an outdoor kitchen and serve something hot to your guests. An outdoor kitchen not only generates heat but it also provides an interactive activity as you and your guests can cook and eat a meal together. 


Sure, you can always just set a chair on the ground. But a patio allows your guests to get their chair and feet up off the snow and frozen ground and onto something more stable.  


If your outdoor space is set away from the house, a stone walkway can provide you and your guests a safer and more comfortable path to get there.

Winter Landscaping

In addition to any hardscaping projects, you should also be thinking about your cold-weather landscaping needs. Tree felling, pruning, topsoil installation, aeration and seeding, and drainage solutions are just some of the things you should be thinking about as the cold weather comes in. 


After all, a hardscaping project is only as good as the landscaping around it. 

Call on Redwood Land Design

Before the weather turns cold, contact Redwood Land Design to see how you can keep the party going all year round. You’ll receive a free consultation at your property with owner Matt Timmerman to discuss your space and vision. 


Whether it’s hardscaping, landscaping, or more, Redwood Land Design will keep your guests warm and entertained throughout the winter season. Schedule your free consultation today and invite your friends over as soon as the weather turns.