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Planting a spring garden is an excellent way to enjoy this warmer weather, but which flowers should you choose? Continue reading to find out which flowers are best for your garden. 

Springtime Landscaping FAQ

Which Flowers Welcome Wildlife?

If you’d like to see more honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in your garden, then integrate some of their local favorites, like butterfly weed, with its bright orange clusters of flowers. Coneflowers, with their unique, spiky centers and cascading purple petals, and the southern classic, shasta daisies, will be a welcome invitation to butterflies and hummingbirds alike. You could also consider the hardy black-eyed susans or tickseed for added pops of yellow.

Deer, on the other hand, can be attracted to certain plants in your garden as well. Consider looking for deer-resistant shrubs and flowers to avoid having your hard work quickly eaten by these curious nibblers. 

Which Flowers Love Direct Sunlight?

How many hours a day is your garden exposed to sunlight? If your garden will see more than six hours of direct sunlight a day, then plan for a full sun garden. Daylilies are easy to grow and offer a constant influx of new buds every day which bloom all season long. This hardy perennial will continue to grow and spread throughout your garden, and you can eventually split and transplant to other parts of your garden. 

For pops of wispy purple, pink, and white petals throughout your garden, cosmos may be the perfect addition. Phlox offers excellent ground cover with blankets of pink and purple blooms that stand just six inches from the ground. Lantana comes in a variety of colors and stands up to heat and drought like no other. 

Which Flowers Prefer the Shade?

For gardens tucked up closely to the house or in a yard full of trees, shade-loving plants would be the better choice. Coral bells—specifically the Americana and Villosa varieties—have evergreen leaves and long, slender stems of petite, bell-shaped flowers. Hydrangeas, with their large clusters of blue, pink, and purple blooms will be the envy of your neighborhood. Toad lilies, a lesser-known variety, mimic white orchids with purple and burgundy spots painted on the petals, which contrast elegantly with its pale green leaves. 

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