Blog / 7 Hardscaping Tips for Dog Owners

Every dog owner knows that canines and a yard don’t always mix. Between digging, bathroom breaks, and wearing out trails in the grass, it can be challenging to maintain a lush yard at a property with a pooch. 

One option is to do some hardscaping. Hardscaping can create an environment that is both dog- and yard-friendly and will reduce your outdoor maintenance at the same time. Read below for some hardscaping tips for dog owners that are sure to keep your yard healthy and your pup happy.  

How to Hardscape If You Own a Dog

1) Install artificial turf.

Not only can dog waste leave unsightly dead spots on your lawn, but it can also attract fleas and ticks to the area. Artificial turf can keep both of those problems at bay and there is artificial turf available designed specifically for dog owners that keep mold and mildew away and allow urine to penetrate and drain. 

2) Create some shade.

Dogs need shade, especially during the warm summer months. A pergola, patio roof, or space underneath a deck can allow your furry friend to enjoy the great outdoors without overheating.  

3) Light up the yard.  

Dogs can see in the dark better than humans, but their ability to do so tends to fade with age. Some solar-powered in-ground lights can provide a little guiding light for your pup to navigate the yard during those late-night bathroom breaks.   

4) Fence them in. 

A fence serves as protection for your dog against wandering off into dangerous situations. And thanks to a wide variety of wood, stone, and styles, fences can be just as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. 

5) Dial down the digging.

Dogs love to dig, and a garden or flower bed filled with dirt can quickly turn into a mess of holes and scattered dirt. Line the surface of these areas with mulch, pebbles, lava rocks or anything else that your dog will be less interested in digging up.    

6) Pave the way.

Dogs have a tendency to use the same routes to navigate throughout the yard and bigger dogs can wear a noticeable trail into the ground. Once your dog has established their path of choice, pave it over with bricks or stone. They’ll continue to travel that same route and you won’t have to keep fighting to grow grass there. 

7) Splash on.  

A small pond or water fountain is more than just a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing feature. It’s also a place for your dog to cool off or grab a drink. Use a filter and pump to keep the water clean and moving.

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