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Nothing puts the finishing touch on a home like a freshly minted lawn of lush green grass. But while planting from seed takes plenty of time, patience, and skill, installing some sod can deliver a finished product in no time. 

Below are some of the benefits to sod installation that every homeowner should consider when wanting a new swath of grass. 

What Sod Installation Does for Your Landscaping

1. Speed

Seeds can take several weeks to grow to a healthy height and several more to establish a root system. But sod can be installed in less than a day’s time, giving your lawn an instant turnaround. 

2. Weather

Growing grass from seed requires the right temperature and the right amount of moisture. Too much rain, too much heat or too much cold and your lawn can go haywire faster than it took to plant. Sod is a bit more resilient and can better withstand unfavorable weather conditions when installing.

3. Timing 

Seeds must be planted at a particular time of year depending on the type of grass being grown. But sod can be installed just about anytime the ground is not frozen, giving you a wider timeframe to install your new lawn.

4. Water

Freshly planted seeds must be watered quite heavily for the first few weeks, all while maintaining a fine balancing act between too much or not enough water. But newly installed sod doesn’t come with nearly the same watering demands. 

5. Success rate

There’s no guarantee of success when you plant grass from seed. Many a homeowner has ripped up their lawn to start anew only to be left with a patchy, muddy and unsightly mess. But sod installation ensures you of a brand new lawn with 100% coverage.  

6. Erosion control

Grass helps control erosion, and because sod is fully mature from the day it’s installed, it begins doing its job immediately. One hard rainstorm while growing new grass from seed can create pooling and runoff that can erode your terrain. 

7. Less patchwork

A newly-seeded lawn often fills in well in some spots but not as well in others, leaving you with some post-seeding patchwork. A sodded lawn is installed evenly with no bare spots remaining. 

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