Blog / 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Landscape Design

The weather is finally warming and chances are you’re looking forward to getting outside and spending some quality time with your landscape. However, between the cold, snow, and rain, winter months aren’t always the kindest to your plants. Here are some tips for getting your yard ready for summer.

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Tips for Cleaning Up Your Landscape Design this Spring

Clear Away the Debris

Snow and dormant plants have likely left plenty of sticks, leaves, and other pieces of yard waste around your landscape. The first step to any clean up is removing all the debris to start fresh in the summer.

Pay special attention to flower beds, where debris can stay hidden, tucked away underneath bushes and other plants. You may also want to blow or rinse off hard surfaces like your driveway or walkways.

You can make a compost pile for your yard waste or look into your local municipality’s yard waste disposal options. Learn more about our lot clearing services now. 

Prune Back Plants

Over the winter, your trees and shrubs’ branches may have died or grown to become unruly. Trimming and pruning after the winter helps you clear out dead or overgrown branches, and promote new growth in the spring.

Spring is also a good opportunity to divide up perennials in overcrowded beds.

Preventative Pest Control

As the weather warms, pest insects will start to become active and come to your landscape (or home) in search of food. Investing in a preventative spray at the start of the warmer seasons can save you a ton of trouble and money in the future.


Near the end of your clean-up efforts, you should apply organic fertilizer to your yard and your existing plants. This helps promote growth through the season. Just make sure you apply fertilizer to the base of the plant and not the foliage to avoid burning the plant.

Lay Down Fresh Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch is more than just an aesthetic improvement to your beds. New mulch brings organic matter into the soil, which helps improve your soil quality. This can be pine straw, wood chips, leaves, or whatever you prefer.

You can also use this as a chance to re-edge your beds for a cleaner look.

Introduce New Plants to Your Yard

Spring is one of the best plant installation seasons and the perfect time to make major changes to your home’s landscape design.

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