Blog / Try These Hardscaping Ideas in Your Small Backyard

You may think that because you have only a small backyard that your hardscaping options are limited.

Think again. Not only are there a number of good hardscaping ideas for small backyards, but many hardscape projects are actually best utilized in smaller spaces. 

Here are some big ideas for your small yard.

6 Hardscaping Ideas For Your Small Backyard

Raised beds 

Your ground space may be limited, but your airspace doesn’t have to be. A raised garden or flower bed gives you greater flexibility and maximizes the use of your space because you can store things like a hose or watering can underneath the bed. 

Patio island 

A patio in such a small yard? Yes, but it’s not what you think. Consider building a small patio “island” away from the house that’s just big enough for a bench or a couple of chairs. Raise the patio off the ground with a few stairs to provide some visual depth that will make the space appear bigger. 

Vertical elements

Trellises and lattices are great ways to make a small backyard feel bigger by providing a visual that draws the eyes upward. The use of ground space will be minimal, and you can have a big garden despite your small space as many vegetables including tomatoes, peas, beans, and cucumbers grow well vertically

Water features

Water fountains and birdbaths are a great way to incorporate water into a small space. Once again, you’ll draw the eyes upward for a larger feel while at the same time creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance for your space. 


Lighting can go a long way to creating a visual that adds an element of depth to a small space. Use lights to highlight above-ground architecture along with pathways on the ground for a high-low combination of depth and separation.  


A fire pit requires minimal space and can serve as the centerpiece of your yard. And when installed in a small backyard, it creates a cozy and intimate environment that can be hard to duplicate in bigger spaces. 

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