Blog / 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Yard’s Trees

By providing scenery, shade, a home for birds, and a place to hang a swing, trees can add a nice finishing touch to any yard. But just like your grass and flower bed, it’s important to take care of your trees to ensure a long and healthy life.

Below are 5 tips for taking care of the trees in your yard.

5 Ways to Care for the Trees in Your Yard


If you’re planting new trees or relocating existing ones, it’s important to pick a spot where the tree will soak up enough sun and also have plenty of room to expand both its roots and canopy. And avoid the common problem of planting too deep.


It’s easy to forget that a tree is also a plant and needs to drink water just like other plants. Trees have root systems that are good at finding groundwater, but if it hasn’t rained in a while, go ahead and give your trees a fresh drink of water. Newer trees especially need to drink a lot during their first couple years of life.


A layer of mulch at the base of the tree is more than just aesthetic. It can insulate the tree and protect it from frost, lawn mower cuts and dry soil. Remove the grass around the trunk and put down 2-4 inches of mulch.


Trees don’t always get the same level of natural nutrients in a yard as they do in a forest. Use a slow-release fertilizer to make up that difference and provide your trees with some healthy meals.


Pruning your trees improves their structure while also removing any deadwood that is impeding growth. Do only light pruning during the growing season while leaving any major pruning for the dormant time of year.

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