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Between the frozen temperatures, snow, and ice, the winter season can be a challenging time for your yard. And it can take a lawn months to recover from the damage done by a harsh winter.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do in preparation that will help your yard through the winter weather and give it the ability to bounce back strong in the spring. Read below for three helpful tips to prepare your yard for winter.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Tip #1: Aerate

Aerate your lawn near the end of the fall season, before the grass has turned dormant. Aerating breaks up compacted soil and allows for better drainage for melting snow and ice. Moisture can then more easily make its way from the surface — where an excess buildup can cause mold and fungus — and down to the lawn’s root system. 

And if you use any fertilizer in the fall, aerating can help you get more out of it by helping the fertilizer better penetrate the surface. 

Tip #2: Cleanup

It’s important to clear the surface of your lawn of any leaves or fallen fruit before winter arrives. A layer of leaves left on the grass will block water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the root system. It can also facilitate the growth of pests and diseases like snow mold and brown patches caused by fungus. And it can even prevent new blades of grass from sprouting up in the spring. 

Likewise, picking up fallen fruit and nuts from nearby trees will not only provide more living space for your grass but also prevent the infestation of insects that may be harmful to your lawn.  

Tip #3: Prune

If you have flowers, bushes, or shrubs, get out your pruning shears. Pruning certain species of plants during or just prior to their dormant season can help keep disease away. Trimming off dead branches before they accumulate snow or ice will keep them from snapping off and damaging the plant. And pruning will help promote new growth in the spring.

Plan for Spring With the Pros in the Raleigh Area

One of the best things to do during winter is to start planning your spring projects. Call on Redwood Land Design for hardscaping and landscape design in Raleigh, NC including drainage, seeding, aerating, and more. Schedule a free consultation with owner Matt Timmerman today to review your property, discuss your vision, and build the yard of your dreams.