Blog / 3 Ideas for Halloween Landscaping and Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably gathering candy for trick-or-treating and putting the finishing touches on your creepy costume. But what about decorating your landscape for the festivities?

Transform your outdoor space this Halloween with these decorating and landscaping ideas.

Halloween Landscaping Ideas

Spooky Scenery

If you love the spooks and scares that come with celebrating Halloween, get creative by changing your front yard into the entrance to a haunted mansion. Purchase or DIY gravestone decorations and place them throughout your yard, with skulls and skeleton hands reaching out from the earth. Hang flying bats and ghosts in your trees, and place cobwebs and spiders around your porch.

You can also replace traditional light bulbs in your outdoor lighting fixtures with red or purple bulbs to set an eerie mood and line your front entryway with lanterns, candle decorations, and other spooky elements.

Autumn Harvest

Decorating for Halloween isn’t only about creepy outdoor decorations. Celebrate the holiday — and the fall season — with flowers, plants, and other components of a harvest landscape. Stop by your local pumpkin patch to pick up pumpkins, gourds, and even hay and corn stalk decorations to embellish your porch and front walkway. Scarecrows also make a fun addition to any autumn landscape.

Before Halloween comes around, plant red, orange, and yellow chrysanthemums in your yard for a touch of fall color. These vibrant flowers look just as attractive planted as they do in wicker baskets on your porch steps or by the mailbox, too.

Read our guide to fall landscaping for other decorative fall flowers.

Fall Foliage

Nothing says autumn — or Halloween — like the lovely colors of fall foliage. Get your landscape ready for October 31st by seeking leafy shrubs and trees that change colors with the changing seasons.

Oakleaf Hydrangea has leaves shaped like those of oak trees that transform into vibrant red and deep purple colors in the fall. The leaves of Virginia Creeper also change into a lovely red color, but the plant is renowned for growing and “creeping” along surfaces like ivy, offering a unique autumn display in your yard or along the sides of your house.

When trees like the Red Maple and the Japanese Maple are planted far enough in advance, you might get a chance to experience their lively fall colors right in your front yard.

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