Blog / Garden Design Ideas For Your Landscape This Fall

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to begin preparing your landscape for the chilly fall months ahead. A variety of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees that can withstand the dropping North Carolina temperatures and bloom throughout the fall.

Check out these planting ideas to revitalize your garden design in Raleigh, and then contact Redwood Land Design to plan out the fall landscape you envision.

Your Guide to Fall Gardening in Raleigh

Flowers for Fall

Autumn months call for pops of warm orange, yellow, and red colors to make your yard stand out. Calendula and Chrysanthemums blossom at the end of summer and throughout the fall season and are perfect additions to your garden design. Their bright gold, orange, and burgundy colors look great lining your front walkway, in hanging baskets on the porch, or in decorative pots alongside pumpkins and other gourds.

Choose to decorate your fall garden with more perennial flowers that can survive the harsher temperatures after the first frost, including blue and pink Aster and purple pansies.

Fall Flowering Shrubs

Accent your autumn flowers with blooming shrubs in your new garden design this fall. Mexican Sage Bush or Velvet Sage is an impressive shrub that can grow several feet tall and wide. Its deep magenta color with soft, fuzzy flowers attract hummingbirds and songbirds in early autumn.

Fothergilla is another fall flowering shrub that’ll bring beautiful fall colors to any landscape, with leaves of burnt orange and bright red that stand out against green grasses and other trees.

Garden Roses can also grow in abundance during the fall months, with pops of yellow, pink, orange, and red that look just as good in the garden as they do when picked and placed in a vase.

Vibrant Fall Foliage

If you have an empty yard or are looking to spice up your garden design, planting trees can be a great option. Trees that change colors during the cooler fall months can be enjoyed for years to come.

Consider the orange, red, and green leaves on the Chalk Maple or the burgundy leaves of the smaller Japanese Maple. Flourishing Red Maple trees can grow to be about 90 ft. tall and transform into vibrant red colors throughout the fall. The American Smokewood is another stately tree that turns orange and red in the cooler North Carolina months.

Choose the Garden Design Experts at Redwood Land Design

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