Blog / 10 of the Best Mosquito-Repelling Plants


While spring brings us a number of pleasantries like warm weather and blooming flowers, it also comes with at least one thing we could do without: Mosquitoes. 


And while there’s a variety of ways to repel these pests — mosquito spray, open flames, and oils to name just a few — there’s another way to keep mosquitoes at bay while also adding some spring scenery to your yard at the same time. We’re talking about plants.  


Plants can be a great way to help you avoid mosquitoes. There are many plants that contain scents that mosquitoes don’t like and will keep your property mosquito-free and full of spring scenery. Read below to learn about some of the best plants for helping you avoid mosquitoes this spring.

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away 

Below are 10 plants that can help you avoid mosquitoes this spring. 

  1. Basil. You can also use basil on salads, pizza and other dishes. 
  2. Bee balm. Bee balm will keep mosquitoes away while attracting more pleasant guests like hummingbirds and butterflies. 
  3. Catnip. Mosquitoes will hate it. Your cat will love it. 
  4. Floss flowers. These visually appealing flowers come in pink, blue, white, and purple and are often used in bouquets. 
  5. Lavender. Lavender not only drives mosquitoes away, but it also provides a calming effect for those around it. 
  6. Peppermint. Peppermint repels mosquitoes, but if any of the critters do happen to get you, the oil from this plant can also provide relief for mosquito bites.   
  7. Rosemary. Rosemary keeps a number of pesky insects away in addition to mosquitoes. 
  8. Marigolds. Marigolds can prevent mosquitoes from bothering you while also keeping beetles and other harmful insects from eating at your garden. 
  9. Mint. Mint leaves can also be dried and placed inside the home for some indoor pest control.
  10. Citronella. The most common ingredient in most mosquito repellants? Citronella. 

Get Expert Landscape Design in Raleigh, NC

Mosquito-repelling plants should be placed in the areas you’d most like to protect, such as around patios, decks, windows and doorways. But for the most efficient landscape design in Raleigh, NC, call on Redwood Land Design. We’ll customize a landscaping design specific for your space that will keep mosquitoes away and look good while doing it. 


Schedule your free consultation today and enjoy a mosquito-free spring.